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How Long Does a Home Building Project Take in Cincinnati?

building a custom home in Cincinnati Ohio
Building a custom home in Cincinnati may well be one of the greatest investments you make in your life. It also requires a significant time commitment to create a one-of-a-kind house that is tailored to your specific tastes and lifestyle needs.
Because you are designing the home from the ground, up, the project will take substantially longer than building a run-of-the-mill production home. You also have to account for the time it takes to select a suitable piece of property in the Cincinnati area and complete your site preparation. In return, however, you have the chance to create the residential space you’ve always
dreamed of.
Still, knowing what to expect along the home-building journey can help you set realistic expectations and plan accordingly for a more stress-free and rewarding process. 

How Long Does a New Home Build Take in Cincinnati?  

Every custom home is unique, which means every home build will also be unique. The length of time it takes to design and construct your house depends on a variety of factors, from the availability of your builder and the weather to the complexity of your design and square footage of the structure.

In general, you should anticipate your project to take about 10 months to two years, from site selection to your final walk-through.

Home Building Timeline at a Glance

Once you’ve selected your home site—with or without the assistance of your builder in Cincinnati—you can start designing a home according to your personalized vision.

The design development process typically involves an architect, your builder, and/or an interior designer. You may also get input from other professionals and specialized craftspeople. In general, designing a new home takes about three to nine months. The exact timeline depends on whether you select a floor plan from among your builder’s established portfolio and then make minor modifications to personalize the plan or if you decide to design unique plans from scratch. Developing completely customized home plans generally takes longer than personalizing stock plans for a semi-custom home.

The next step of a new home build is the pre-construction phase, which typically takes a month or two. During this time, you will finalize the contract with your Cincinnati home builder, enabling them to finish ordering materials and procure the appropriate permits. They also will establish a construction schedule that involves their own crew and any subcontractors and tradespeople who will be required to handle specific aspects of the build, such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work.

With a finalized design and permits in hand, your team can break ground on your new home build. Construction itself typically lasts about nine to 18 months, depending on weather, temperature shifts, and how many other projects your builder is working on, among other factors. During this time, be sure to request regular meetings and site visits so that you can check up on the progress and make sure construction is running smoothly. This also gives you the chance to discuss potential issues with your crew and make necessary adjustments in a timely manner, avoiding delays or repeat work.

You may also have access to a digital project management platform that allows you to track progress, see daily or weekly updates, and send messages to your builder whenever you like. 

What Factors Affect Home Building Timeline?  

There are numerous factors, some in your control and some beyond it, that can impact how long each step of the home building process takes. 
One of the most significant factors is the size and complexity of your structure. Designing and constructing a modest 5,000-square-foot single-family cottage will require less time than a grand, 50,000-square-foot residence. If you incorporate several unique features or custom components, such as handcrafted cabinetry or imported tiles for your bathroom, you should expect the project to take a bit longer.
Additionally, the timeline depends on how confident and committed you are throughout the home build. If you go into the design phase with a strong vision and clear budget, you will be able to make decisions quicker. There is also less risk of changing your mind and requesting change orders once construction is underway, which leads to both excess costs and unwanted delays.
Working with a design-build company can also help streamline a residential construction project—making it more efficient and potentially saving you time. Within this project delivery method, all the services needed for both design and construction of your new house are funneled through a single Cincinnati home builder, giving you the benefit of one point of contact and one source of accountability.
Choosing this home-building process also eliminates the need for a bidding process. The person responsible for constructing your new house in Cincinnati will be involved from the start, providing practical insight and ensuring the feasibility of your design. If something unexpected happens during construction or there is a problem with the plans, you don’t have to worry about finger-pointing or trying to communicate between your architect and home builder. All the key players on your team work together to address the problem and keep your project moving forward. 

Building a New Home in Cincinnati 

Home Building in Cincinnati, OH, is a long, meticulous process, but well worth the time to ensure your new house lives up to your expectations. One of the most important steps you can take to lay the foundation for an efficient project and rewarding experience is to select the right home builder in Cincinnati. At Chris Gorman Homes, we understand the significance of your new home build in terms of both the financial and emotional investment. We utilize a refined process to ensure your project progresses on time and on budget, without cutting corners or undermining the unique vision you have for your new custom home.

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