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7 New Year's Resolutions for Your Cincinnati Custom Home

7 New Year's Resolutions for Your Cincinnati Custom Home

New year, new you(r home)! New Year’s resolutions often have to do with our habits and goals. If you’re looking to make changes in the new year, think about what kind of custom home features and spaces would help you reach your goals, whether it’s getting fit, taking some time to relax, or getting away for the weekend. How can your custom home help you live out your New Year’s resolutions all year long? We have a few ideas. 



Better organization is a common New Year’s resolution because we all feel like we could do a little better. Beyond more baskets and a label maker, include custom storage in your new home. Custom cabinetry in the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, laundry room, and living room is essential for keeping a clutter-free home. 

In the kitchen, think about what you use and where you use it. If you’re a baking enthusiast, have your designer create a designated area just for baking, including an appliance garage, in-cabinet outlets, and space for all the pans and serving ware that you’ll need. In the living room, don’t only depend on furniture to store your blankets, books, and records. Built-ins offer a place to store and showcase these items. The laundry room and mudroom are perfect places for custom cubbies, pull-out shelving, and extra cabinet space to hold everyday stuff. 



If reducing your carbon footprint and saving on utilities is on your New Year’s resolution list, an energy-efficient custom home can check both off at once. Using ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, windows, and doors use less energy, perform better, and will reduce your utility bills.

Go the extra mile with a solar power system that will deliver electricity right to your home. Be sure to work with a design-build firm that’s focused on creating a custom home with a tight envelope and proper insulation. Other appliances for a more energy-efficient home include a heat pump, a tankless water heater, and in-floor radiant heating. 



Spa-worthy bathrooms have been trending for years, and for good reason. Having a space in your own home to retreat to, relax, and recharge can truly be a life-changer. Heated floors, a steam shower system, smart lighting, and even your own sound bath freestanding tub will create an environment that can help you start and end your day in luxury. 

Creating an at-home spa experience is all about design, too. Choose colors and materials that are calming, like natural wood, soft white, and earthy greens. Keep your space clutter-free with custom storage and include space for indoor plants. 



New Years isn’t always about discipline and improvement. Sometimes, it’s about giving yourself a break. Think about that home feature you’ve always dreamt about but put aside because it’s not considered a necessity. Is it a built-in bar off of the kitchen for entertaining, a moving glass wall that leads to an outdoor living space, or a dressing room with custom storage in your primary suite? When you’re talking about design ideas with your design-build team, don’t be afraid to mention the spaces you’ve put off creating for yourself. You won’t regret at least exploring your options and seeing what your budget can accomplish.  



Starting an exercise regimen is the most common New Year’s resolution. A big reason why people tend to fall off track is taking the time to commute to the gym where they’ve signed up for the membership or class passes with an already busy life. Take the hurdle out of getting to the gym by having one right at home. 

You won’t have to worry about getting in the car, packing your gear, or childcare when you can just walk right into your own workout space. Whether you’re interested in taking up a yoga practice, getting on the treadmill, or lifting weights, plan a space in your custom home that’s dedicated to getting physically fit. 



Outdoor living spaces boomed in the past few years as people spent more time at home. Because of this, more and more homeowners have realized the benefits of having space outdoors to cook, dine, relax, and hang out. What do you imagine for your outdoor space? A full outdoor kitchen? A lounge area with a firepit? A dining space with room to entertain? 

If you’d like to be able to use your space in cooler months, also consider winterizing your space or even designing a three-season porch that leads out to your deck or porch to be a little more comfortable while still feeling connected to the outdoors. 



Traveling more is another popular New Year’s resolution. However, many people worry about home security while they’re away. The answer? A smart home security system. By installing a security system that you can monitor and control right from your smartphone, you can travel with peace of mind. Get a notification when your cameras are triggered or when someone approaches your door. You can also lock your door while being miles away, program your lights to turn on and off to give the appearance of someone being home, and watch your camera footage in real-time. 



Your custom home can do so much more for you than you might think. The spaces you and your design-build team create can help you reach your New Year’s goals. Chris Gorman Homes knows that a home is more than just the house, it’s a reflection of who you are.

We’ve built custom homes for Cincinnati area families for decades–earning trust through transparent communication, working with the best vendors in the industry, keeping the client’s design goals front and center, and using a proven design-build process from start to finish. When you’re ready to learn more about our custom home process, contact Chris Gorman Homes to schedule a consultation.


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