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How Much Does an Acre of Land Cost In Ohio In 2022?

How Much Does an Acre of Land Cost In Ohio In 2022?

You can see it in your mind’s eye: Your dream home, your dream yard, your dream neighborhood. When it’s time to build a brand new home, it truly becomes real when you select a location. Standing in the building site for your brand-new home is an important and exciting milestone. Start your search for your dream home by finding the right lot for your dream and your budget!

Chris Gorman Homes leads with our values of honesty and transparency in partnering to build beautiful and one-of-a-kind homes for our neighbors. We know our quality work speaks for itself and our time-tested process leads to a low-stress experience for everyone involved. Our neighborhood expertise has helped us pair many happy clients with their dream locations, and we’re pleased to use our knowledge to help you find the perfect spot to begin your new life. 


How Much Land is an Acre?

An acre measures 43560 square feet. Many people use a football field to visualize an acre. A football field is actually a little bit bigger than an acre. If you begin to measure at the back of the endzone, you will reach the acre mark about 20 yards short of the other endzone. If you’re looking for a suburban lot in Cincinnati, most total a fraction of an acre. You will likely find that neighborhood lots of a quarter and half-acre provide ample yard space.


How much does an acre of land cost in Cincinnati, Ohio?

According to the National Agricultural Statistical Service, an acre of land in Ohio averaged $6,350 in 2020.  However, Ohio acreage for sale is largely farmland or undeveloped woods. Agricultural acreage is usually much less expensive and located more remotely. If you dream of a remote retreat, you may benefit from the relatively inexpensive price tag on midwest acreage. Where farmland’s steady increase is minor, about one percent year over year, prices of residential lots typically rise more dramatically. 

A current Redfin search of the land for sale in the Cinncinati area reveals a much different landscape for more centrally located lots. Depending on its location within the metro area, a lot of around 4,000 square feet costs between $8 thousand and $50 thousand dollars. This does not provide for much of a yard. Larger lots, usually listed in fractions of an acre, cost between $40,000 and $250,000 an acre, depending on the location and features already included in the lot.

Chris Gorman Cincinnati House On Land

What questions should I ask when buying land?

Some of the variability in pricing acreage in Cinncinati depends on how much work it will take to get the lot ready to build. A drastically lower price tag might reflect an undesirable location or other concern. Ask questions when selecting land for your custom home to avoid unanticipated expenses or surprises later in your project. 

Here are some questions we encourage prospective buyers to ask about a lot for building a home:

  • What utilities are available? Many new developments include available utilities such as water, sewer, and gas for convenient neighborhood access

  • How much will this cost to prepare the land for construction? Will you need to change the grade or shape of the land? Fill dirt, excavation, and tree removal costs sometimes surprise lot owners.

  • Are there any surveys available? You need information about the boundaries and the land features, such as bodies of water. Seek information on wells, soil quality, and drainage where appropriate.

  • What are the current taxes on the property? The zoning, location, structures, and size will affect the property taxes. 

  • Who owns the surrounding area? Are any construction projects planned? This is especially important if the surrounding area is not yet developed. Just because you are surrounded by rolling hills now doesn’t mean you won’t end up part of a bustling metropolis in a few years. Enquire about the zoning and ownership around your land.


How do I find land for sale?

Some clients come to us and need help finding a lot to build on, and some already own a lot. If you need help finding land for sale, we suggest starting with your builder. They are probably building in developing neighborhoods and are well connected with realtors who list buildable lots. If you have a dream location and can find its owner (internet sleuthing, anyone?), some clients have had success cold calling and making an offer on undeveloped land. You’ll never know unless you try! 


If you’d like even more information about finding land for a new build, we delve into more extensive detail in our Custom Home Building Guide ebook here.

Let’s Build Something Amazing Together

We love bringing our Cincinnati, OH neighbor’s custom home dreams into reality. We’re happy to help you find the perfect place for your dream home. We invite you to check out our work to see our quality and craftsmanship for yourself. We can’t wait to start the conversation that ends in your dream home. Reach out today!


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