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Cincinnati's Modern Home Building Trends for 2021

Cincinnati's Modern Home Building Trends for 2021

Design trends in 2021 are more attractive than ever! If you're a home buyer starting the design and construction of a custom home this year, or if you're renovating your current home, you have many options. From beautiful colors to attractive and functional layouts, there are many positive design trends that homeowners can enjoy in 2021.

Kitchen Trends

Kitchens are one of the most beloved rooms of the home. Kitchen design trends in 2021 skew toward nature-inspired colors, well-lit interiors, and a mixture of natural materials.  

What are the Most Popular Countertop Materials?

For decades, the most popular countertop materials were those made of stone - especially granite. Why? Because it was unscratchable, unbreakable, and required little or no maintenance. Still, a more popular countertop material has made it into the hearts of homeowners everywhere: quartz.

Made from a combination of resins and crushed stone, quartz can be made to look like just about any stone, including marble and granite. Quartz is preferred over granite because it requires no sealing and can repel stains naturally.  

Is Farmhouse Going Out of Style?

While it's hard to believe that farmhouse kitchens will ever really go out of style, the trend is definitely changing. It's such a popular type of kitchen design that many homeowners are seeking ways to make their farmhouse-style kitchen different from their neighbors'. 

What can you expect to see in these new and improved farmhouse-style designs? Wallpaper. Bold colors. Industrial touches like reclaimed wood. Unusual light fixtures and unusual cabinet hardware. Small touches make all the difference in today's farmhouse-style kitchens. Your contractor will help you decide what to include in your upcoming kitchen remodel. 


Color trends change over time. It seems like every decade has its own special colors associated with residential design trends. Staying up to date with color trends can help improve the value of your home while keeping the look inside your home fresh and new. 

Is Gray Going Out of Style?

Although gray paint will always have its place in the home, most homeowners are shifting their attention toward warmer neutrals in 2021. Sometimes this means selecting a warm shade of gray, other times this means selecting more pure warm neutrals like beige and cream. Working with an experienced home designer can help you choose a warm color that works for your home.

Do you still like cool grays? Try pairing your cool grays with bright warm shades like yellow or even beige. You can have your cake and eat it too! 

What Are the Most Popular Cabinet Colors?

Recall that we just told you cool grays are on the way out. If you're looking for a popular cabinet color for 2021, try earthy neutrals like gray-green, beige, greige or soft blue-gray.

These colors have more visual interest than cool gray and draw the eye around the kitchen. They can also make your kitchen a little warmer and more eclectic. Pair your cabinet colors with a range of neutrals like soft brown, warm gray, and shades of blue or green.

Don't hesitate to get creative when combining colors in the kitchen. The more color you splash around, the warmer, more inviting, and more cheerful your kitchen will appear. This can be a good thing for you, your guests, and also your home's value. 

Layout and Design Trends 2021

The layout and design trends of 2021 benefit people who enjoy entertaining. Think spaces that are perfect for accommodating guests and creating a jovial atmosphere in your home. 

Is Open Concept Going Out of Style?

Open concept layouts are not going out of style. If anything, they've been growing in popularity in recent years. While there are some downsides to open concept layouts (lack of privacy, noise from other family members), the many advantages of open-concept layouts still make this layout very popular among home buyers today. 

Open concept layouts can make small homes appear more spacious. If you enjoy entertaining, there's nothing like an open layout for accommodating large numbers of guests. Finally, open concepts also make modest-sized homes appear more spacious, which can lift the mood of the room and contribute to feelings of goodwill among members of the household. 

Is Outdoor Living Still Popular?

Outdoor living is still popular! If you enjoy entertaining in your backyard, consider installing a backyard kitchen to make your home the perfect oasis for outdoor barbecues, family get-togethers, and even family reunions. You'll be able to cook in the great outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air - all while preparing delicious food for your family members and guests. 

Outdoor living spaces are often kitchens and dining areas, but can also include an outdoor living room with a television and couch for an easy movie or tv show viewing. Just remember to protect your outdoor living spaces with a cover to provide shade, and install electrical outlets and lighting to ensure that your living space can be used at all times of the day. 

Work with a qualified contractor to get this work completed efficiently. Don't try to do this work yourself, especially the electrical work, as you may find that you're not able to do it properly. Work with someone who can do it right. 

Designing a Custom Home? Call Today

Work with an expert to create your custom home. Call Chris Gorman homes to get started with the design and construction of a home that meets design trends 2021, and also provides you with comfort and good quality of life. At Chris Gorman homes, we're committed to designing your forever home. Call today to get started. 

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