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5 Features to Enhance Your Cincinnati Custom Home

5 Features to Enhance Your Cincinnati Custom Home

The design phase of building your custom home is full of potential and possibility. You have the option to include features that will enhance your quality of life and the value of your home. In every room of your home, and even outdoors, consider these features when discussing your custom home with your designer. So, what are the most enhancing features to include in your custom home? 


1. Natural Light

Sometimes, just an injection of natural light can make a space feel larger and more welcoming. It can even make furnishings you’ve had for years feel brand new, almost as if by magic. How can you incorporate this wonder feature into your custom built home? When designing your custom Cincinnati home, talk to your designer about the different methods that will bring in more natural light. To start, let’s discuss a few ideas. 

Clerestory windows have been used since the beginning of architecture. In Ancient Egypt, they were used in temples. Today they’re used much more widely and are a great feature in custom homes. Clerestory windows are windows that are typically horizontal and set up along the roofline of a home, inviting in ambient light rather than more harsh direct light. These windows work really well in more contemporary houses but can also be designed into more traditional architecture with a slight change in shape and placement. 

Another way to invite more light into your space is with glass doors. This may seem like an obvious method, but sometimes people can be shy about glass doors because they don’t offer much privacy. With textured glass, however, you can have natural light while retaining needed privacy. 

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2. In-Law Suite

Adding an in-law suite to your custom home might seem like a big addition, but the value that you’ll add to both your property and your quality of life will be well worth the added expense. An in-law suite is a great way to be able to offer guests more private lodging, temporarily welcome back a child who left the nest, or prepare for the possibility of aging parents moving in down the line

In-law suites can vary from basic to lavish. A studio-type abode with only the basics, like a kitchenette, a combination living, and sleeping space, and a bathroom is plenty for overnight guests. If you’re planning for a more long-term resident, a private bedroom, a full kitchen, and a bathroom with more features than your standard three-piece composition are less about luxury and more about logistics. 

3. Outdoor Living Space

Like with the in-law suite, outdoor living space can range from your basic amenities to a private oasis. An outdoor living area is a dream home idea that is a perfect addition to your custom Cincinnati home. 

Depending on how much room you have to work with, you can include a fully self-contained entertainment space where you can prepare food, cook, make drinks, and relax with friends and family. An outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, refrigeration, a dishwasher, storage, and a custom bar are a few cool features to add to your outdoor space. Take your custom outdoor entertainment space a step further with a small pool, a firepit, and green space for yard games. 


4. Spa Features in the Primary Bathroom

When designing your custom home in Cincinnati, consider enhancements that are just for you by including spa features in your primary bathroom. Go beyond the features you can see and also include features you can feel. Heated floors are a great way to warm a space that is filled with materials that tend to be cold to the touch, like marble and tile. It’s more efficient than the standard forced-air method and saves on energy costs. 

Another spa-worthy custom home feature is the pre-programmable shower, which you can program to a certain water temperature and water pressure, making your morning routine more seamless than ever. As for a more timeless bathroom feature, the freestanding tub has made a big comeback, and for good reason. It’s a feature that feels luxurious but is still quite practical. 

Other features to consider that feel spa-worthy are custom tile, natural stone, a skylight, a curbless shower, and a steam shower. The options for luxurious spa-worthy bathroom features are nearly endless, so talk with your custom home design team about what options are available and within budget


5. Automated Home Systems

Whole home automation is the pinnacle of convenience in custom home design. Some features of home automation include improving entertainment, energy efficiency, and security, to name a few. 

Program your lights and thermostat to sync with your daily routines and still be able to control them in real time from your smartphone, which is not only a matter of convenience but also energy efficiency. You can also control your home’s security features from your smart device. Monitor security cameras, lock your front door, and get alerts about your motion sensor lights and smoke alarms all on your phone or tablet. 


Talk To a Professional About How to Enhance Your Home

These are just a few ideas for enhancing your custom home in Cincinnati. When you’re ready to discover what other features you can include in your custom home that will enhance your home’s value as well as your quality of life, reach out to the team at Chris Gorman Homes. As a Cincinnati-based design-build firm that is committed to designing and building a home that will exceed your expectations and bring you joy for years to come. 


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